Faun Trackway

At the forefront of defence mobility

Forward Defence as the exclusive Australian distributor of FAUN Trackway is a supplier of a diverse range of engineered mobility solutions for defence, mining and civilian markets. Success in these chosen markets has been built on a simple principle- understanding our customers' needs and together providing timely, cost-effective solutions.

Ever changing physical environments, coupled with the complexity of modern logistical planning and evolution of aircraft and vehicles require solutions that are responsive to change. FAUN Trackway maintains an innovative approach to ground mobility, the dedicated engineering team convert progressive ideas into products ready for the toughest logistical challenges.

YoutubeFAUN Trackway products actively promote protection of delicate habitats and environments. Our MGMS beach dispenser system prevents vehicles becoming bogged down when a beach landing is required. TRACKWAY can be laid semi permanently to prevent heavy vehicle damage to the forest floor when wheeled or track vehicles require access to environmentally sensitive locations.



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